Doing Global Gender: Perspectives on Gender and Re-Globalization Eurac Research Bozen

3rd International Globalization Conference

Doing Gender” in its re-globalizing dimension means creating a common discourse by contesting gender roles and developing an intertwined view between gender and global economies, societies, and ideologies in flux. International and private power relations need to be questioned to create equal, fair, and inclusive societies. Revisiting conceptions of femininity and masculinity are fundamental in shaping our understanding of gender beyond a binary male-female dimension.

The conference “Doing Global Gender: Perspectives on Gender and Re-Globalization”, organized by the Center for Advanced Studies of Eurac Research, intends to provide a platform in which gender topics are discussed with international experts, such as Judith ButlerOyeronke Oyewumi, Corey Wrenn, Christoph May, Ina Praetorius and many more. The possible implications for the local level in South Tyrol are analyzed through a “glocal” lens. At the end of the Globalisation Week, local representatives Armin BernhardArianna Miriam FiumefreddoBarbara PlaggSarah Trevisiol and Julia Unterberger will take part in the debate.

Who’s afraid of Gender? – Judith Butler

Current Challenges for Re-Globalization and Gender

14.20 – 16.00 CEST | Panel 5×10 Short Presentations & Discussion

  • Joanita BabiryeClimate Justice Advocate and Co-founder Girls for Climate Action, Uganda
  • Christoph MayFounder of the Detox Masculinity Institute, Researcher and Consultant, Germany
  • Margaret McLarenProfessor of Philosophy and Sexuality, Women’s and Gender Studies, George D. and Harriet W. Cornell Endowed Chair, Rollins College, USA
  • Amy OyekunleLead Consultant at Monii Development Consult and Gender and Development Activist, Nigeria

Moderation: Katharina Crepaz

Glocal Gender: Herausforderungen für Südtirol | Le sfide per l’Alto Adige

Vegan Ecofeminism – Corey Wrenn

Debating gender justices in the context of the 4th Industrial Revolution – Jane Bennett

Towards a Care-Centered Global Economy – Ina Praetorius

The importance of the Gender Debate for Re-Globalization and vice versa – Roland Benedikter

Doing Global Gender: Globalisierungswoche rückt Geschlechtergerechtigkeit ins Zentrum

Tagung mit Judith Butler, Oyeronke Oyewumi, Ina Praetorius, Corey Wrenn, Sarah Trevisiol, Barbara Plagg und vielen mehr Eurac Research Bozen

Bereits zum dritten Mal lud das Center for Advanced Studies von Eurac Research zur Globalisierungstagung – diesmal unter dem Titel „Doing Global Gender. Perspektiven zu Gender und Re-Globalisierung“. Mit Judith Butler oder Oyeronke Oyewumi ist es den jungen Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftlern am Forschungszentrum gelungen, die wohl bekanntesten Denker:innen der Gegenwart und Pionier:innen der Gender-Studies zum virtuellen Austausch nach Südtirol zu holen. Eine Podiumsdiskussion mit lokalen Expertinnen und Experten machte deutlich, dass sich die Gender-Debatte auch hierzulande als Querschnittsthema in allen Bereichen des Lebens und Wirtschaftens wiederfinden müsse.

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